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por Jhonathan Pino publicado 23/07/2019 10h13, última modificação 23/07/2019 10h18

"It is very important to our academic formation to know other parts of knowledge and discovery another cultures, or other languages sometimes, because these things are like a door to know more the real world about a good education.
To do an exchange or an academic mobility is very important to our educational and technologic formation, because it will change our way to think and to see how the education process works. My experience representing IFAL in an international project was very amazing, because now I can see my academics plan as a great opportunity to do something new every day, that’s why it became to me a perfect influence to understand how I can work with other people every time, and help them to solve some problems.
My academic mobility happened at São Luis – Maranhão a Brazil’s state and there I made a lot research with my team about the water quality. This project was managed inside a big project called LAPASSION that influence students of different countries to work together in a unique purpose that in my case it was to improve the
HDI of state of Maranhão. In the end of this project, my team built a filter made with bamboo to filter the water of a city of the state, because this population suffered with water quality problems. I hope that our research made a great different in this society and changed my life.
When the most students think to participate of academic mobility, they had fear because most of them never did it. To me it was not different, because it was my first time to, but if we put our fear in front of our plan, everything probably will be harder to us. I am so thankful, because IFAL gave me the necessary support to organize everything that I needed and gave me a great opportunity to do better to a society that saw the hope in this action".

Kristhyan Davinny Nascimento Santos – Participated in the international project Lapassion


" Studying abroad was a great opportunity for me. It really changed the way I could see my career in the future. It also helped me to see what the rest of the world is doing in my area of studies. Besides all of that, it helps the institution to become international. So, I would say that this experience gives to the students and to the institution the proper preparation to face the future with open doors for the exchange of knowledge."

Lucas Neves -  Exchanged at Instituto Politécnico de Bragança, in 2018.